Inhaling through a Vapcap

What happens when we inhale?
And what’s the best method of inhalation using a T.E.D.?

To get technical; When you draw on the mouthpiece of a heated T.E.D. botanicals leave the herb and pass down your throat to your windpipe and into the bronchial tubes which then lead to the lungs.

Do you inhale as deeply and for as long as possible? – Try not to.
Do you try to hold the vapour in your lungs for a moment before you exhale – Yeahhh, well apparently that’s a little pointless too. The only thing you achieve by holding your breath is the deprivation of oxygen!

Our lungs can absorb compounds from gases in our environment.
Each lung has over 300 million tiny air sacs called alveoli.
The alveoli absorb the botanical vapour inhaled into our lungs instantly and transport them strait into the bloodstream.
Once cannabinoids enter our bloodstream they’re transported around the body and are picked up by a number of cannabinoid receptors, and we start to feel their effects.

By using various methods to inhale we can maximise the extraction of our botanicals.

Try this for starters:
When your Vapcap reaches temperature, cover any airports and take a long effortless draw.
If you inhale too fast you’ll suck out all the heat from the oven too quickly and your botanicals won’t get extracted efficiently.
Then, before you stop inhaling open the airports and let a hit of fresh air open up your lungs, and then exhale (wide-eyed and happy).

Next try with the airports uncovered the whole time.
And then with the airports covered the whole time.

You’ll find that you’ll get different types of vapour produced, and you can then find your own preferences.

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