Who is the Vapcap for?

Medicinal users:
Known for it’s convenient and precise micro-dosing abilities.
Vapcaps can be used with one hand.
You can feel the Cap’s audible click, meaning that the hard-of-hearing can still benefit.
Vapcaps also make for a great mindfulness tool.

Recreational users:
Unlike many of today’s dry-herb-vapes, the Vapcap experience is still an immersive and enjoyably ritualistic one, and is one which can be tailored in many ways.

Flavour chasers:
Vapcaps can produce incredible delicate and complex flavours, or big dense satisfying hits. – It’s your choice.

The great outdoors:
Spending the day relaxing or having a picnic?
Going camping, walking, hiking, cycling?
This is the unit for you.

City slicking:
Stylish and discreet, a Vapcap needn’t offend others. It’s more likely to intrigue and excite.

Going out with friends?
Staying in for the night?
This is the unit for you.

The flavour…
The choice…
The versatility…
The variation…
… The effect!

Vapcaps are so efficient, portable and adaptable, there’s really no reason to not own one.
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