What is a Vapcap?



No electronic elements that could malfunction…

Vapcaps are a simple, sleek, effective and portable way to consume the beneficial properties of botanicals, without the need for tobacco or combustion.

Generally made of either stainless steel or titanium, although wood and glass are often involved as well.

All but the all-important Tip & Cap on a Vapcap can be produced by anyone, including you at home.

Interchangeable parts mean that you can easily tailor-make your own experience, and have different setups for different situations.

“Elevate your botanical experience”

Vapcap’s allow you to work with your botanical’s unique characteristics accordingly, and they deliver delicious and beneficial compounds with ease.

For medicinal users, the Vapcap’s convenient Adjust-a-Bowl feature reduces the dry-herb-chamber’s size even further, for easy and efficient micro-dosing.

And remember, you’ll get roughly twice the beneficial compounds from your botanicals using a Vapcap than if you were to roll and burn them. – “Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves.”

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