The VonG 2021 Edition (with a SlimStash)


Integrated wood and titanium, the 2021 VonG is a bit of a looker.

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Made from integrated wood and titanium, the VonG is a bit of a looker.

The wooden sleeve’s adjustable airport offers a glimpse of the VonG’s titanium innards, held in place by dual titanium crowns.

The tip comprises of a notched contoured extraction chamber (that doubles as a built in grinder) and a chunky 5-fin profile heatsink.

The extraction chamber has an Adjust-a-Bowl feature so you can adjust the size of the dosing chamber to suit your needs.

Finished with a 10/14mm mouthpiece pairing perfectly with a multitude of water-pieces.


Comes with a Captive Cap and will fit in any standard size DynaStash or SlimStash.


*Avoid Bringing the wooden sleeve into contact with water, as this can cause damage.



12 Month Manufacture Warranty, UK Technical Support.

Weight62 kg
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