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The Reload (Black)



This is a very necessary piece of kit.

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The Reload is a container & a de-bowler.
It’s an all-in-one aluminium storage / tool solution.
It’s effective and speedy.

Pair it with the Reload keyring-crown and a Reload Mini-Pot to make traveling a cinch.

The removable de-bowler tool can be used as a handy “pokey” and is also is also useful for reshaping bent CCDs.

Hassle-free CCD positioning in three simple steps.
1. Choose the half or full Adjust-a-Bowl tips position.
2. Place the CCD onto the adjustable dock and shape or straighten by pressing into the concave with the de-bowler tool.
3. Simply insert the Tip fully until you feel a noticeable click indicating the screen is back in place, and you’re good to go.

You get:
Built-in de-capper and cooling magnet
Airtight AVB container with removable multipurpose de-bowler
Extra airtight compartment for botanicals
Adjustable CCD inserter
Extra coloured o-rings for personalisation

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