The Revolve Gen.1 Stem (Silver)


The MAD Revolve stem. We’ve still got it, and you still want it.

These units come with their Direct Access Tube & Glass Body included.

The Revolve Gen.1 stem is an advanced cooling system.

It’s tactile and ergonomic design offers precise Airport control
 with a bunch of Airflow options (open, bypass, or closed
) as well as Draw Resistance Control (DRC) which tailors the experience even further.

It has a 10mm lockable spinning mouthpiece, and a removable “Reclaim Catcher” to boot!

The DRC Airflow Tube sits inside the mouthpiece and gives you the chance to further fine-tune the airflow.
Shut the airflow port down to it’s lowest level, and if you find that you’d like further restriction you can adjust the DRC Airflow Tube accordingly.
This feature offers a more advanced adjustable airflow system than any other Vapcap stem on the market.

The Direct Airflow Tube replaces the DRC Airflow Tube inside the mouthpiece providing a more direct vapour pathway providing a hotter more traditional DynaVap experience.

This setting pulls cold air in through the port, then up the centre of the stem before mixing with the vapour and being pulled around the helix, cooling against the body, before entering the mouthpiece.
On bypass the cold air comes in through the airport and straight into the mouthpiece, while the vapour travels around the helix. This provides a blast of cool air mixed with your helix cooled vapour.
The airport is now shut, no fresh air is added, the vapour passes around the helix to be cooled before reaching the mouthpiece. Great for mouth to lung inhales.

Material: Grade 5 Titanium
Weight: 16.5g
Dimensions: 109mm with Tip (XL size), 12mm at the widest point

5x Mesh Filters,
Extra o-rings (Full set of black and green).
A cleaning / storage tube

1x Revolve Cooling Unit (with DRC Tube, extra o-rings and mesh filters, without Titanium body section)
1x Glass Body
1x Direct Airflow Tube

Please note:
* Due to the finishing process every Rainbow stem is unique and varies in colour
* Before first use please make sure to clean the stem thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol to remove every residue from the machining and coating process
* Dynavap Tip & Cap are NOT included

Age Check Please verify that you are aged 18 or over.