The Swegg, from Glass Charlie


Don’t put all your Sweggs in the one basket…

But with 10mm 45° ground female joints, please do try your Vapcap through one.

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Something a bit special from Glass Charlie here. – Slyme Sweggs.

We don’t recommend you carry these on a spoon!

Individually unique and hand-crafted to the highest standard right here in the UK.

These gorgeous, tactile Sweegs aren’t drivers to sit gathering reclaim and dust. They’re to be prized, paraded, respected and adored.

And don’t you worry, as tiny and beautiful as they are, they really pack a punch!

Swegg slyme colours:
(close your eyes and see what happens, or email us with a preference)

Light green x2


High quality Borocilicate glass

10mm 45° ground female joint

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