The “M” VerdiuM 2021 Edition


“The future will either be green or not at all.” – Bob Brown

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The “M” 2021 Fall Colours line-up includes the gorgeous green VerdiuM.


PVD (physical vapour deposition) is a way of coating metal, and DynaVap have used this process to achieve the vibrant and varied colours on this year’s “M” showpieces to great effect.

Knowing the process of powder-coating makes this easier to visualise, but the process of PVD takes physical matter (in this case titanium), vaporises it, and then those vaporised particles apply themselves evenly to the object being coated (The 2021 M) before turning back into a very thin layer of solid material again.

The outside of the coloured 2021 “M”s caps and stems have also been “PVD’d”, along with the condensers inside.

And no two coloured “M”s are quite the same? … Yep… That’s right.

As you can see, the Verdium is green. And Blue. And gold. And then some.

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