The “M” 2021 Edition


The 2021 “M” delivers quick, powerful, effective and delicious hits from the smallest amount of botanicals.

Portable, small, robust and battery-free.

Price, portability, appearance, results… The “M” has nailed it.

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Made from 100% medical-grade stainless steel, finished elegantly with an incredibly tactile finish, the 2021 “M” is a joy to receive, open, take apart, put back together and use!

No bigger than a pen, the “M” isn’t just ingenious, it’s also ridiculously portable and stealthy.

Powered by any external heat source, although we prefer a jet-lighter or induction-heater, the “M” delivers powerful delicious hits from the smallest amount of botanicals, instantly.

No other dry-herb-TED offers such a sleek, reliable, instant and tailored experience at such a reasonable price.

The 5th generation’s latest Tip, adjust-a-bowl “micro-dosing” technology, twin airports and a 10mm tapered mouthpiece for water filtration options mean that the “M” provides the highest quality experience for an extremely reasonable price.

This 2021 edition has been rigorously considered from Tip to mouthpiece.
There are seven (“count ’em”) geometric and numerically based easter eggs “hidden” in the design for you to find while you gaze at it.
The 2021 Steel tip has a pointed crown to cut appropriate chunks from your botanicals if need be, and has new airflow serrations on the side of the bowl to help preheat the air on it’s journey.
The redesigned stem also now features a more prominent airport & rocker for those who are challenged visually or with dexterity.


Simply load your “M”, heat the Cap until you hear the “CLICK!”, and then enjoy.
And remember, respect that click.


The “M” now comes with a Captive Cap that still it’s signature temperature-indicating “CLICK!”, and will fit in to any standard sized DynaStash or SlimStash.

12 Month Manufacture Warranty.

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