the Modular Vortex System (MVS)


Wallop. It’s the Modular Vortex System (MVS) from Simrell.
Built for performance, and meticulously designed to offer unparalleled airflow control.

… And then there’s how it looks and feels…

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If you haven’t already, meet the Modular Vortex System (MVS) from the Simrell Collection.

Composed of 3x titanium parts giving you even more control over the coolest extraction experience you can get from a Vapcap.
Built for performance, it’s been meticulously designed to give you fine control of your airflow.

The sleek stem has two airport configurations, offering you every variation you need in-between.
The top half houses a standard fully-open airport and a “dual turbulent airport”. – Rotate the bottom half of the stem to adjust airflow as needed for the perfect hit.
Simrell recommend some serious interaction with the airports to really get enjoy the full potential.

At the core of the MVS is the Simrell Stinger; Intercooler, mouthpiece and telescoping condenser adaptable to almost any Vapcap stem.

Every Simrell Stinger is hand polished to match seamlessly with the Vortex finish.


Easy to Clean & Maintain

The MVS is as easy to clean as it is to put together.
Disassemble, remove intercooler from Stinger and soak all the parts in ISO.
Rinse clean and dry before putting it back together.

NB: The tip and cap are sold separately

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